Going out of Business – April 30, 2021

Over the next few days the following email will be emailed out to all existing account members.

I regret to inform you that will be shutting down later this month on April 30, 2021. We are going out of business. This means that all online services will be discontinued and you will no longer be able to access the website after April 30, 2021. Through the end of the month you can download your photos and or contact us directly to have your project “Archived” into an offline version for $250 per project. More info about the Offline Version can be found below.

*Please do not “Reply” to this email. If you need a project archived please send a separate email that includes the project name as it appears in the application.
Send emails to –

This has been a rough year and we have had to make the tough decision to discontinue services indefinitely. I wish I had better news. 14 years ago when my partner and I started this venture we both had a passion for construction, technology, and photography. Unfortunately like many web startups we are shutting down. I’ve done my best to keep the lights on but it’s time to say goodbye.

I appreciate all your business over the years, have a safe, prosperous, and healthy 2021. If you have questions please reach out to me via email = Thank you for your understanding.

Brian Sweeney
CEO JobSiteVisitor

Offline Archived Version:
The offline version runs locally on your machine using any browser. The pages have limited functionality. The following features are supported; Plan Viewer with Point Photos, Weekly Photos, Folders, and Searching, and Original File Downloads. I should mention that Miscellaneous Photos do not show up in the plan viewer but are included in the Weekly Photos page. The offline version will be exported and then a downloadable link will be sent via email. There is a $250 processing charge for any project that you need archived. These archived projects can be shared with others so projects only need to pay for one archive.

City College – Final TimeLapse

The San Diego City College project recently finished up and we put together a final time lapse video of the project. This time lapses takes one image each day from around 3:00pm.


Viewpoint Development Partner

Viewpoint is excited to join Viewpoint Construction Software as a Development Partner. You can find us on their Development Partner Page. Viewpoint is an outstanding construction software company that has been developing great products over the years. As a Development Partner our photo management and webcam services will be offered to Viewpoint customers interested in integrating the two services. One of the great aspects of Viewpoint is that they partner with technology companies like ours to offer their customers access to unique services that are not specifically built into the Viewpoint offering.

This partnership opens the doors for exciting integrations. We look forward to being involved with the Viewpoint Development Partner family. It’s great to see large established companies like Viewpoint open their doors to an emerging company like JobSiteVisitor. I think we’re both going to learn a lot from this partnership. I look forward to sharing insights on how we’re helping Viewpoint Customers organize, manage, and share progress photos.

2013 ACE Awards


Congratulations to all the 2013 ACE Award Winners. is a proud sponsor of the 2013 Colorado AGC ACE Awards for the 3rd straight year in a row.  The ACE awards celebrate the best commercial construction projects of the year though out Colorado and neighboring states. There was a very strong field this year in almost every category. For a list of winning projects check out 2013 ACE Winners. Nearly 700 people attended black tie event on November 1, 2013  at the Hyatt Regency in Denver. It was great to see so many people in attendance supporting their respected companies and the AGC of Colorado. Congrats to all the project winners along with a big shout-out to Haselden Construction who took home this year’s Project of the Year Award for the University of Colorado New Inpatient Tower.

We’d also like to highlight the following ACE Winners who used to help organize, manage, and share their progress photos during construction:

JobSiteVisitor sponsored this years ACE website which can be found at Brian Sweeney, the founder of, sits on the ACE Committee and maintains the website where the projects are hosted. Because of some site upgrades this year the out of state judges were able to quickly access and vote on nearly 50 of their favorite projects using this website. Instead of having to download and open every photo and narrative the judges and now the public are able to view entries through a simple easy to use website. Great job to everyone involved with the Event!

Samsung Galaxy Camera – Wide Angle

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is not only a very SMART camera, but it also has a nice wide lens. While we were using the Galaxy camera to develop our new wireless solar webcam we ran across a nice surprise… it has a really wide lens. The camera geeks refer to this as focal length. Basically the smaller the focal length, the wider the field of view. The human eye has a focal length of about a 50mm lens. The really ultra wide fish eye lenses have a focal length of around 15mm. Below we’ve put this into something you can understand. In the background is the Samsung camera image (23mm focal length) and in the overlay “Yellow Box” is your typical iPhone 4s image (30mm focal length). It’s pretty dramatic and a nice addition to our webcams. Keep your eyes on Samsung, they’re doing some incredible things with their Android operating system and camera technology.

Samsung vs iPhone