Putting your Progress Photos Online

screen-snaper-image1We just finished a testimonial video featuring a few of our clients here in Denver, you can check out the video on our About Page. As I watched the video again and again during the editing process I started to think about one of the benefits mentioned by Ed Bushel, a Construction Manager, with Axia Construction that hadn’t dawned on me before. He mentioned how posting the progress photos online was a huge time saver for him and everyone else that used to get emails with progress photos attached.

Typically the General Contractors are responsible for taking photos and emailing them out each week. I’ve always been on the contractor end and it wasn’t a big deal¬† to organize and manage the progress photos. Ed brought up a good point that everybody who receives one of these weekly emails is also likely to spend time saving and organizing these same photos in a similar way on their own computer. This ends up being very redundant and a big waste of time in my opinion. As an alternative to emailing and or burning photos to CD’s post your progress photos online.¬† Put them in one central location where they are organized so team members can concentrate on content of the photos rather than organizing them.

If you’re wondering where to host your progress photos let me suggest using