These two videos will show you what you can expect from JobSiteVisitor.

What is JobSiteVisitor? is a powerful construction photography hosting website specifically designed to help users organize, manage, and share job site photos.  JSV is easy to use and allows users to upload their unique Site and Floor Plans into the system and then identify locations on the plans where photos were taken from each week. The photos can be dragged and dropped directly onto the plans or they can be dropped onto Time-Lapse Points. The photos are sorted by week #, custom folders, and by locations. There’s no special equipment to buy or install – all you need is a digital camera and an internet connection to get started.

How does JobSiteVisitor work?

After a project has been created, you will upload your own specific plans to the website. Then you will identify and place points on these plans where you plan to take progress photos from each week. Each week your team member on the job site will take progress photos and upload them to the website. During the upload they will tag the photos with information like photo date, camera location, and description. After the weekly photos have been uploaded, automatic emails are sent to your project team with a link to the new photos. The project team members then log in to their own secure accounts where they can view their projects photos by week or by camera location.


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New Features:

The videos at the top of the page give you a good idea of the basic features that users and project administrators can expect from JobSiteVisitor. Our product is constantly being updated and recent items that are not featured in the video are listed below.

JSV Webcam - 000

Solar Wireless Webcam:  This camera package give you the flexibility to monitor your project from almost any location. Using the trusted Verizon Cellular Data network you can now install one of our solar wireless webcams on your project and get regular updates every 10-minutes. The camera comes to you fully assembled ready for installation. All you have to do is put it outside and point it at your project.

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Device Cropped
Mobile Web App:  The JobSiteVisitor mobile app allows you to sync your plans and progress photo points onto your hand held device. It doesn’t matter what mobile device or operating system you’re using. We don’t even require internet connection. All you have to do is click your floor plan and click the point you’re standing on. The app will launch your camera and take the photo. After your photos are taken just click “Sync Photos” and your done. Before you had to take your photos, upload them, and tag them to the correct location. Now all you do is take the photo using the web app and the 3 step process is has been cut down to 1 step.

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What are the Benefits?

If you’re reading this you probably understand that storing photos in files or on company servers makes them hard to access. JobSiteVisitor keeps all your images sorted and organized in an easy to use online service. Photos are accessible from any device connected to the internet.  The service is designed around the needs of the construction industry. Our product will save your team both time and money when it comes to share construction photos. For more information or if you have any questions please Contact Us and we can schedule a webinar or phone call to answer any of your questions.

Who’s Using it? is a great tool for anyone taking construction progress photos. Our clients are made up of Owners, Construction Managers, General Contractors, Investors, and Subcontractors. Often times the group responsible for taking progress photos will provide the service and then share with the other team members involved in the project. is a great communication tool that can be used to keep everyone updated on progress and weekly activities. Anyone who is taking progress photos of a construction site should consider using to manage and organize their weekly progress photos. Learn more about our clients and partners.