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The JobSiteVisitor Mobile Web App

The mobile app is designed to work on all mobile devices and it’s also designed to work out in field when you don’t have internet connection. The application is unlike traditional iPhone and Android apps that have to be purchased and downloaded form an app store. This application requires no installation. To get started all you need to do is click on the link below and follow the mobile web app instructions


Beta Testing:

Currently the application is in what we call Beta Testing. This means that it hasn’t been fully de-bugged and there will be some ongoing changes. We’re putting the feature out to our existing customers so we can get it tested and find out what working and what should be changed.  The following PDF provides some basic instructions on how the App works:

Mobile Web App Instructions


App Notes:

  • Works on Internet Browsers supporting HTML5 – Click here to for an HTML5 Browser Test
  • Sync Photos Often – Don’t take more than 75 photos before syncing back to the server.
  • Can only take point photos from the application, miscellaneous photos are not supported… yet!



Let us know what’s working and what should be tweaked. Feel free to send Brian an email or call: