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City of Denver

Public Works LogoWe’ve recently helped the City of Denver share progress photos with the general public on their Central Park Blvd. Project. The city has integrated our photo hosting platform into their existing website resulting in a simple easy to use service that helps them organize, manage, and share progress updates. The city is able to provide current updates on their new project with-out the hassle of updating city pages every so often. The service gives the construction mangers on site the ability to upload progress photos into the system. These same photos are then made available to the public through project links on the city’s site.

City of Denver's Site

The City has provided a link from their website over the progress photos that are being managed on Try it out, click on the city’s website to the left and select the icon. It will take you right into the progress photos over on our site. It’s that easy, with just one site update providing a link to JobSiteVisitor, progress photos can be updated and maintained during the entire construction process without spending time and money on a web developer.

One of the other great things about our service is the advertising feature. It allows users to give ad space to the project team. These are not random ads that you can’t control. These are specific ads and logos that you want displayed next to your project. It’s a nice way to give an owner, investor or contractor some recognition.

The city has also elected to make their project available to the public so our Twitter and Facebook links appear in the lower left corner. This allows users to share updates through their social network. The project has already uploaded 36 weeks of photos and its proven to be a very easy way for the city to track and monitor their project’s progress from start to finish.

For more information on how we can help on your next project contact us or check out our about page.

Get Featured

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About the Program: and Mountain States Construction Magazine have teamed up and are launching a “Featured Projects” section on the Mountain States Construction’s website. This new section is designed to be a place where readers can get progress updates on local projects along with promoting high profile projects in the area. Getting your project Featured in this section is totally FREE. JobSiteVisitor is offering Free subscription packages for anyone who is interested.

How to Get Started:

Contact Brian Sweeney and tell him “… you’re interested in getting your project featured on Mountain States Construction’s Website”
– JobSiteVisitor will provide you with a FREE-Small Subscription package that lets you upload 20-photos/week.
– JobSiteVisitor will also help you with project set up and training.
– All you have to do is have someone upload a few photos each week into the service (it takes about 15min).


– Cost = It’s Free except the 15min/week you spend uploading progress photos.
– Benefit = Your project gets featured in Mountain States Construction website and one project each month will be profiled in their print magazine.
– Also get a free subscription package.

Keep in Mind:

– The progress photos you upload should be one’s that your firm is comfortable with sharing.
– Mountain States Construction Magazine serves Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. If your project is outside of these states it won’t be featured in their magazine but we’d still like to feature it with you on

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This is a great program that makes it easy and affordable to get your projects featured on McGraw Hill’s Mountain States Construction Magazine’s Website. The subscription packages allow you to custom brand your project pages with your own logos and colors so the pages look and feel like your company website. also integrates seamlessly into your existing website and is a great tool to keep you project team updated on current progress. Check out these links for more information About or to view some Other Public Projects. We look forward to working with you and if you have any questions or want some additional information let us know.

Denver Union Station

17th_street_900_776We’re very excited to announce that is teaming up with to help organize, manage, and share construction progress photos of the new Denver Union Station Redevelopment Project. This is a huge transit project being being built by Kiewit Western that started on February 22, 2010. The project will be preserving Denver’s central transportation hub by redeveloping historic Denver Union Station and turning it into a new transit centerpiece.

During the construction process DenverInfill will be tracking the construction progress and providing regular updates and photos to its readers. Ken Schroeppel, the person behind DenverInfill, has brought on Rick Anstey to be a regular contributor and photographer on the Union Station Project. We’re looking forward to working with both Ken and Rick as the project moves forward.

Please visit: – Construction Progress Photos Blog
– Regular Project Updates
Denver Union Station Project Authority – Project Website

… and stay tuned, this is going to be a great project for the City of Denver.

Gallopin Gertie

I ran across one of my favorite engineering videos recording the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, AKA Gallopin Gertie. I hadn’t seen this video since high school physics class.
– Construction Start:  Nov. 23, 1938
– Construction Finish:  July 1, 1940
– 4 months later it collapse on  Nov. 7, 1940 – Caused by resonance vibration due to steady 42mph wind speeds.

The footage from November 7, 1940 was shot by Barney Elliott and his business partner Harbine Monroe who owned a nearby camera store in Tacoma –

Search YouTube for some more great videos on this collapse. Here is another one with some good information Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse.

The next bridge at this location was built with Stiffening Trusses instead of solid girders.


The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is currently building a new 220,000sf office building on their Golden, CO campus. It’s a ZERO Energy building meaning that it will produce the same amount of energy that it consumes, what a novel idea. Here’s a great video they’ve released with more information about the project.
Congrats to the team – Haselden Construction, RNL, Stantec, & NREL .

This project has been one of the “early adopters” using JobSiteVisitor to manage their job site photos. Haselden Construction has not only been using the program to manage their progress photos but they’ve also taken advantage of our web-cam integration.

We certainly could use more ZERO Energy projects like this across the country. It’s great to watch this project progress, what a wonderful building.

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