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Colorado Companies

While at the CONEXPO in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to meet some interesting Colorado tech companies in construction.  Here’s a short video we made on some of the companies.  Thank you for being part of this short video and we look forward to staying in touch with everyone!  You can stay up to date with our videos on our YouTube Channel and check out a list of the CONEXPO exhibitors here.

Short Scenes from the CONEXPO

We are at the CONEXPO-CON/AGG. all this week, come visit us at booth #31720 to learn more about  The responses have been wonderful and it’s been a great time meeting people from all over the globe, including Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and more!  We’ve been making a few videos along the way, so stay tuned for more…

Below are short scenes from the CONEXPO in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mobile Uploader has released its new “Mobile Uploader” which allows users to upload content from any smart phone device or tablet directly into the tagging section of your JobSiteVisitor project. The service is very simple and easy to use, here’s how it works. We provide you with a unique email address for each project. You enter that email address into your phone’s contact list. Then after you take your photo just send it to the email we gave you. The service is very easy to use and flexible so it can be used on any device.

More and more progress photos are being taken with mobile devices but it’s still a pain to organize, manage, and share these photos with your project team until now. With JobSiteVisitor’s new mobile uploader all you have to do is email photos to the address we provide you and the photos will be there waiting for you next time you update your progress photos. Here’s a video showing how the feature works, enjoy.

Digital Copyrights

Copyright_symbol2Silicon Flatirons hosted Fred von Lohmann, a senior attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation who gave an outstanding presentation on Digital Copyrights specifically the 1998 Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act. I have to admit that being in the User Generated Content business I should have known more about these “Safe Harbors” adopted in 1998 that protect internet service providers like The law protects service providers on the Internet from the liability that may be caused by the activities of its users.  Basically it protects us from the bad behaviors of some of our users. I also enjoyed Fred’s optimistic outlook on copyright law and how the law has left the door open for the disruptive innovation that we all love.

Stat-ups should keep in mind that copyright protection is very important to both the corporations we establish and the officers who run them because you can’t hide behind your “corporate veil” in a Copyright lawsuit (good to know). This protection doesn’t mean you’re not going to get sued however if you’re running a legitimate business and playing by the rules you should have lots of protection with these safe harbors. However if you think your stepping on some copyrights it’s best to get a good copyright lawyer on board early. Investors don’t want to buy a lawsuit they want to buy a company. (more…)


HDRsoftWow, this software is unbelievable and so easy to use. I’m using the free trial version but will definitely be purchasing the real version, probably after I finish writing this. Anyway if you’re looking to impress a client or just want turn average pictures into extraordinary you need this software. I should first thank a former TA from CU for turning me onto a local Denver photographer named Alex Benison’s , who does amazing things with the camera. You’ll notice that Alex mentions 5exp and HDR in his descriptions. I admit I didn’t know what he was talking about so yes I “Googled it” and found HDR Soft – a company from France that helps you do amazing things with photos and Tone Mapping.

Check out their How-to-Video.

Download the Trial Version for Free

Grab your tripod and go shoot some bracketed photos – Over Exposed, Under Exposed and one with the correct exposure.
Load them into the Photomatix Pro – HDR generator and enjoy.
Here’s what I ended up with on my first try.

HDR (more…)

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