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ACTi Webcam


I recently found this affordable Exterior Webcam from ACTi. It’s a great way for projects to track progress without breaking the bank. I selected this camera because of it’s good image quality 1280×720. You wouldn’t want to use this image for the front cover of a magazine but its good enough for project updates and progress tracking.  Anyway, many of the cameras in this price range had smaller images sizes. The other selling point for me was it’s weatherproof rating of IP66.  If you’re like me you may be wonder what IP66 means. Basically it means that No Dust and No Water can penetrate the camera. For more interesting information on IP ratings check out Yahoo Answers. Here in Colorado this spring has been one of the rainiest in years and the camera has preformed like a champ. The camera is also rated to withstand temperatures down to -4 degree Fahrenheit which will be tested later this winter. The camera can be powered over ethernet (PoE), note that an additional power injector may be needed depending on your network. I ended up mounting the camera to the jobsite trailer and plugging it in to a 120V outlet and then ran ethernet to the camera. The only drawback with this camera is that it doesn’t have a pan/tilt function but for capturing time-lapse progress from a stationary point it works very well. The ACTi software that controls the camera are not bad, however it could have a more friendly interface, like most technical things. Their tech support is good if you have questions. For easy installation I suggest mounting it to a job site trailer making it easy to provide power and data to the camera. Keep it simple. (more…)

Eye-Fi Camera Cards


Earlier today at The Boulder Open Coffee Club Matt Galligan, briefly mentioned Wi-Fi camera cards, like the one’s Eye-Fi has developed. These are not your normal camera card, these things are “Tricked-out” to make your life even easier. Rather than me trying to explain how the card works check out The New York Times article about Eye-Fi. Basically these cards act as a portal that transfers your photos when your camera is around a wireless internet connection. They have about 25 different photo sharing sites that work with these Wi-Fi cards, if you’re wondering, is not on their list… yet!

Anyway, the technology amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I’m excited about the Geo-Tagging possibilities and future that these cards will bring to documenting construction projects. When it comes to taking construction progress photos it’s all about Location, Location, Location.

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