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CON-EXPO Progress Photos

Every 3 years the CON-EXPO rolls around. This year JobSiteVisitor is exhibiting at the show in the new Information Technology and Business Solution Pavilion (AKA Hilton Center). You can find us at Booth #31720 over at the Hilton with all the other IT companies.

It’s great to be in Vegas for this event. We’re in the process of setting up our booth so we thought we’d share some progress photos of the process. These photos are taken from inside the Hilton Center and the Hilton Pavilion. We’re looking forward to a great show. Enjoy the photos and JobSiteVisitor.

CON-EXPO – JobSiteVisitor Progress Photos

More progress photos to come, stay tuned and please follow us on Twitter @JobSiteVisitor or at

Canon PowerShot S90

Great “Point & Shoot” camera for Construction Photos:

Canon S90 front and BackOver the past few years contractors have been asking me to recommend a good “point and shoot” camera for their construction progress photos. I’ve never had a great answer for them other than find a brand name (Canon, Nikon, Kodak, Panasonic), make sure it has a date stamp, and spend around $250. There are so many small point and shoot cameras out on the market today it’s really been a toss up until now. Late last year Canon released its PowerShot S90 and if you’re in the market for a great “point and shoot” camera for construction photos you’ve got to check out the S90.

This camera is great for construction photography because it produces outstanding images in a variety of lighting conditions, specifically low light. For the camera geeks in the audience this is done through a wide aperture of f/2.0 and an optical Image Stabilizer (IS) that helps reduce blur. I also like the fact that the camera is fully manual which allows photographers to adjust shutter speed and aperture without having to invest in an expensive professional digital SLR camera.

The Canon S90 is ideal for contractors who need an affordable “point and shoot” camera that will take good photos in low light. I’m also recommending this camera to anyone who wants to start a construction photography business on a “shoe string” budget. You don’t need to run out and spend $3K on an expensive D-SLR camera and lense. The S90 combined with JobSiteVisitor’s construction photo hosting service makes it extremely affordable to get your construction photography business up and running. Then after you land your first job or two you can go out and buy a better camera, and you’ll always have the S90 as backup.

Canon S90 – – (Runs around $350)

Other Cameras to check out:

Canon S95 (has better video 720P – Aprox. $400)
Pansonic Luminx LX5 (Aprox. $500)

What is

This video should help answer that question.

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Unemployment Graph

I’m a visual guy and things make much more sense to me when they’re displayed properly. For example everyone keeps talking about how the unemployment rate keeps going up.  Latoya Egwuekwe created the following visual chart as a graduate student at American University showing the “Geography of Recession” by displaying the changing unemployment rates over time, it’s very well done.

Unemployment Rates

Visit Latoya Egwuekwe’s Blog to learn more about the work she is doing.

Also thanks to @bwyman for pointing this out on Twitter.

Digital Copyrights

Copyright_symbol2Silicon Flatirons hosted Fred von Lohmann, a senior attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation who gave an outstanding presentation on Digital Copyrights specifically the 1998 Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act. I have to admit that being in the User Generated Content business I should have known more about these “Safe Harbors” adopted in 1998 that protect internet service providers like The law protects service providers on the Internet from the liability that may be caused by the activities of its users.  Basically it protects us from the bad behaviors of some of our users. I also enjoyed Fred’s optimistic outlook on copyright law and how the law has left the door open for the disruptive innovation that we all love.

Stat-ups should keep in mind that copyright protection is very important to both the corporations we establish and the officers who run them because you can’t hide behind your “corporate veil” in a Copyright lawsuit (good to know). This protection doesn’t mean you’re not going to get sued however if you’re running a legitimate business and playing by the rules you should have lots of protection with these safe harbors. However if you think your stepping on some copyrights it’s best to get a good copyright lawyer on board early. Investors don’t want to buy a lawsuit they want to buy a company. (more…)

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