Delete Photos

Option #1 – If the photo has not been tagged:
After you’ve uploaded some photos you may find a few that you want deleted. All you need to do is doubble click on the small thumbnail while it is still in the Tagging section. This will open up a box with a delete photo option. When you click “Delete Photo” the image will be removed and the tumbnails will refresh. When a photos is delted in this section it doesn’t go against your weekly upload count. This function also removes the photo from the system.


Option #2 – Delete a photo that has been tagged:
If you run across a photo that has already been tagged and you want to remove it from view you will need to click on the edit button. This will open up a window that will let you change the picture status from Active to Inactive**. Doing this will remove the photo view. Only administrators will be able to access inactive photos. It’s important to note that photos can not be deleted from your account. This is designed to prevent someone from deleting all your photos.

– Only Administrators can Delete and Inactivate Photos.
– You will need to “Re-Fresh” the page for it to disappear.