Invite Members

This video will show you how to invite project team members.  To invite a new member to join your project you will want to login to your project as an administrator. Click on the Administration link and under Project Management click on Invite and Manage Project Members. This will take you to the page where you enter your new members email address. Click Find User and the system will search our records, if the person is already a member you will be asked to enter their Project Access Level. Click Add This Account and the person will be added to the project. If the person is not yet a member the service will ask you if you would like to send this person an Invite. Follow the instruction on sending out the invite. An invitation email will be sent to the person to become a member and then they will be automatically added to your project. You can also change a persons status by selecting a new Access Level in the drop down menu next to their name and clicking update.