Project Setup

First of all, thank you very much for choosing to help organize, manage, and share your progress photos. Setting up a project is easy and should only take about 15minutes. This 8min video will show you how to set everything up.

Step 1 – Page Branding

You will need your company logo, company colors, and any other project logos that you may want to add to the project home page. The other logos can be from the owner, subcontractors, or they can even be advertising that you manage. Here is a short video along with more information showing you how to get your project branded.
Page Branding Video

Step 2 – Upload Rendering

You will need a project rendering or image that represents the project. This image will be uploaded and placed on the project home page. For best results your rendering should have a landscape aspect ratio of  4×6. Other image sizes and rotations will work however it looks better as a landscape image.
Upload Rendering Video

Step 3 – Upload Plans

You will need electronic files of your floor plans in .JPG format for this step. We understand that most of you often end up with PDF’s and if you’re not sure how to convert a PDF to a JPG on your own. There are two simple options, you can use a 3rd party website called Zamzar or you send us your PDF and we’ll convert it for Free and get it uploaded to your project. After you have your plans in .JPG format it’s time to upload them.
Upload Plan Video

Step 4 – Add Points

With your plans uploaded it’s a good idea to start adding points to indicate where you’re going to take photos from on a regular basis. You can always add and update points at any time however it’s a good idea to add some when you first get started.
Point Placement Video

Step 5 – Create Folders

To set up a folder system where you can organize your photos. We allow you to customize your folder structure so it’s up to you. Typically we see companies organize their folders by specification section, scope of work, and or by subcontractor. It’s up to you and don’t worry you can always rename a folder.
Manage Folder Video

Step 6 – Upload & Tag Photos

With most of the project set up it’s time to go out and take some photos so we can upload them into the system. You may already have some on your computer. Our system allows you to upload multiple images using they typical “shift/ctrl” keys. During the upload process there’s not much to do so it’s best to let the system and internet connection do it’s thing and come back to the page when it’s complete. You’ll know when the uploads are finished because you will see all your photos in the tagging section. Remember that you need to tag your photos before your project team can see them. Keep in mind that you may want to upload photos at off work hours because they tend to eat up lots of bandwidth.
Upload & Tag Photos Video

Step 7 – Invite Team Members

After you’ve got some photos uploaded it’s time to start inviting project team members. You will need a list of names and email addresses. Before you start sending invites you should determine the level of access you’re going to give everyone. A person’s access level should be determined by the following criteria:
– Administrator:  Someone who can upload content and change project content. This person will have full access to the Admin Tab.
– Full User:  Someone who can download, email and obtain the original image files. This person can’t see the Admin Tab.
– Limited User: Someone who can only see the photos and doesn’t have access to saving or emailing the original files.
Invite Team Members Video

Step 8 – Mobile Uploads

With more people taking photos on smart phone and tablet devices we’ve made it easy to get this content into the system with our Mobile Uploader. Just save the mobile email address into your contact list so you send photos into your project from the field.
Mobile Uploader Video

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