Upload Photos

How to Upload Photos: Go to the Admin tab and click on the Upload Photos Button. This will take you to the upload photo page where you will want to click on the Upload button. From here you will want to find the photos on your computer that you want to upload. To select multiple files use the “Ctrl or Shift” keys (different for Mac users). After your files are selected go ahead and click open and they will begin to upload. When a file has uploaded completely it will turn Green and after all the files have uploaded you will directed to a new page where you will “Tag” the photos with the relative information. Note that photos are not available to your project team until they have been Tagged and updated. In the TAG Photos Section you will select the photos you want to tag with the “Check Boxes” below the thumbnails or the “Select All” box below the description box. The selected photos will be tagged with the information you enter.