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Establishing Shots

My wife spends her time making movies and when we first met I can remember working with her to story-board a project. She was in film school at the time and was constantly talking about Establishing Shots, Medium Shots, and Close-ups. Before I knew it I was also referring to construction photos in this manner. Remember when you’re taking photos of an issue, specifically one that has cost associated with it, make sure to take an establishing shot, some medium shots, and of course some close ups to tell the whole story.

Here’s an example of what I mean. The above photos were related to a Pedimat issue I was involved with, you know those mats stuck in the ground at the entrance of a building. We made the mistake of not recessing the concrete deep enough, it was a pain in the ass, but nothing money couldn’t fix. There is nothing like Grinding out 1/2″ of concrete in the lobby of a finished building. Here are some photos that were taken during the grinding. We started with a 1.5″ deep recess and had to get to 2″. Next time you’re using construction photos to document something like this think about taking a few different shots to tell the whole story. And always make sure you recess your Pedimat enough if you know what I mean!