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Technology Overload?

Earlier today I ran across an interesting post on ENR’s Blog Site by Dr. Patrica Galloway called Are More “Widgets” Better?” . I thought I would use this opportunity to discuss my thoughts on Technology in the construction industry and how Less is sometimes More.

2008 Construction Spending

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that the construction industry has a tendency to lag behind other industries when it comes to technology, research and development. We are one of the only industries that builds it’s final product at full scale, for the first time, outside in the elements. This is one of the unique and challenging aspects of construction that creates the love-hate opinion we often have about the business. Technology is helping us better manage some of these challenges with everything from project management software, GPS tracking, and virtual modeling . More and more products are going to continue to enter our market as the technology world realizes that construction is a $4.6Trillion dollar industry and the United States controls nearly 23% of the market ($1.06Trillion). If you’re wonder where this money is spent the above is a chartshould help. Considering the size of the industry we have had little investment in technology over the years until now, the secrets out, more and more money is going to be spent on technology in the construction industry. (more…)