Privacy Policy

Last Updated 9/30/2010

This privacy statement covers how (JSV) uses personal information. This policy only covers JSV’s website and does not cover other links to third party websites that may be visited outside of JSV’s webpages.

1. Types of Accounts:
JSV’s services have (3) types of accounts. There are “Corporate Accounts” where all multiple projects are purchased are ultimately controlled and managed by a designated group of individuals. There are “Individual Project Accounts” which are created and managed by individual project administrators and then there are “Member Accounts” which are managed by individuals. Project administrators invite people to join the project. These people will reply to the email and be prompted to become a member if they are not already members. Project accounts will contain project information, plans, progress photos, member list, and billing information. Member accounts will contain personal information like; Name, Email address, City you work in, Company, and Project Role.

2. Access Levels:
Project administrators for Corporate and Individual Project Accounts control the Member’s level of access, meaning some members will have access to tools, features, and photos that other members won’t. Access levels can only be changed by an administrator. For questions or concerns regarding your access level you will need to contact your project administrator.

3. How Personal Information is Collected:
Project Administrators will provide a member invitation list consisting of names and email address. People receiving this emailed invitation will click on the link to become a member of the project. New members will be asked to set up a member account and existing members will be prompted to join this new job.

4. How Personal Information is Used:
Your personal information will be used by JSV when project emails, service updates, and news letters are sent to you. JSV will also use your personal information to customize advertisements and page content if and only if you are using our FREE project subscriptions. Note that administrators can purchase Subscription Packages that are free from advertisements. Member’s personal information is strictly used for providing project and service update information. JSV does not rent or sell personal information to other organizations or people.

5. Public & Secure Project Accounts:
The project administrator will have the option of making the project available to the public or keeping it secure for its project members. Public accounts will not require a log-in and photos will not have any levels of access. Secure project accounts can only be accessed by project members having a valid user name and password. All accounts will have a “Secure” default setting. To make an account available to the public an administrator will have to change the security setting through the project administration section.

6. Controlling Project Access:
Project Administrators control who can join the project as a Member and also their level of access. The level of access will determine which points and photos a member will be able to view. For questions regarding the level of access you have been assigned you will need to contact your project administrator. This information can be found on the project details page.

7. Guests:
JSV does have a guest option. Members have the ability to invite Guests to view the project. Guest access is limited and restricted by the Administrators of the project. This means that the administrators controls which points and photos guests have access to view. Guest access is controlled by a temporary user name and password unique to each guest. The administrator will control the number of log-in a guest can use before the temporary guest account becomes deactivated.

8. Use of Cookies:
Cookies are used to record visitor’s session information, preferences, and to target advertisements as they relate to a Members’ profile. It is the Members responsibility to understand their cookie setting.

9. Third Party Web Sites:
JSV is not responsible for content found on third party websites or links. It is the Member’s responsibility to understand the “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” of third party websites.

10. Emails:
JSV reserves the right to send its members email communication such as administration updates, service announcements, and news letters without offering you the opportunity to opt out of receiving them.

11. Edit and Delete Accounts:
You can edit or delete your JSV account at any time. Members are responsible to keep their personal information updated. To edit your account users will need to log-into JSV and go to update my account. Here members will be able to edit and delete their account as needed.