Solar Wireless Webcam

JSV Webcam - 000Wireless solar powered webcams have always been the holy grail of monitoring construction sites in real time. This solution has traditionally come with a steep price tag. JobSiteVisitor has set out to change the market with an affordable solar powered wireless webcam that comes pre-programmed ready for install. We think wireless webcams should be simple, easy, and affordable. Our wireless solar camera gives you both freedom and flexibility. It’s easy to move and relocate to new locations around your job site as needed and because you own all the hardware it can move with you from job to job. For Pricing info visit:

Webcam Pricing

How it works:  We’ll send you the camera fully integrated into your JobSiteVisitor project, all you have to do is take it out of the box, mount it in the sun, point it at your target, and then live photos will start streaming in every 10 minutes. The kit comes with pole straps and other mounting hardware making it easy to install in almost any location.

JobSiteVisitor Webcam Viewer:

Images are automatically updated and can be viewed through the “Webcams” tab. We also process one image each day into the time-lapse viewer making it easy to track daily progress.

Webcam - JSV - Viewer

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San Diego City College Time Lapse

Over the past 10 months we’ve had a webcam running on Rudolph & Sletten project down in San Diego called the City College Science Building. The project finished one of it’s last major concrete pours last week and we created a short video showing the work over the past few months. The following time lapse takes one shot each day sped up over 30seconds. The Time Lapse Frame Rate ended up being 2 frames per second.

We’ve been very impressed with quality of the image and reliability of the webcam. Here’s a link to more information about our JobSiteVisitor Webcam Offering.

Establishing Shots

My wife spends her time making movies and when we first met I can remember working with her to story-board a project. She was in film school at the time and was constantly talking about Establishing Shots, Medium Shots, and Close-ups. Before I knew it I was also referring to construction photos in this manner. Remember when you’re taking photos of an issue, specifically one that has cost associated with it, make sure to take an establishing shot, some medium shots, and of course some close ups to tell the whole story.

Here’s an example of what I mean. The above photos were related to a Pedimat issue I was involved with, you know those mats stuck in the ground at the entrance of a building. We made the mistake of not recessing the concrete deep enough, it was a pain in the ass, but nothing money couldn’t fix. There is nothing like Grinding out 1/2″ of concrete in the lobby of a finished building. Here are some photos that were taken during the grinding. We started with a 1.5″ deep recess and had to get to 2″. Next time you’re using construction photos to document something like this think about taking a few different shots to tell the whole story. And always make sure you recess your Pedimat enough if you know what I mean!

Webcam Integration

JobSiteVisitor can now integrate almost any type of webcam into your project. Webcams are a great way to monitor construction progress from a fixed location. We now have the ability to display live streaming views or still shots from your project’s webcam. Our goal with this integration is to provide a flexible service that can accommodate any web camera that can email, FTP, or stream live video.

We’d done some webcam integrations for clients before on our old platform but much of the code was scrapped when we built our new service. A couple of months ago we got a call from a new client who liked our platform and needed a webcam. We started working with Rudolph and Sletten on their San Diego City College project and are excited to announce that we now offer webcam integration.

The following screencast will show you what you can expect:


How much does it cost?

We’ll work with your team to select a camera that best meets your needs and budget. We can also work with existing webcams you have on site to integrate into our service. You can expect to pay $500-$1,000 for the integration + cost of the camera + $1,000 for our Large photo hosting package. You should budget between $3,000 – $4,000 for a webcam set up similar to one in the above video. Keep in mind that this price does not include internet access or the cost to set up the camera on your end.

Each Site is Different

We all know that each site and project is different. This set up works best if your camera is set up with-in 300ft of a power source and internet connection. We can work with you and help you decide the best option for your specific situation. If you want to talk more about installing and integrating a camera on your project just contact us and we’d be more than happy to help. Contact us.

St Annes Lower School Construction

St. Anne’s Episcopal School in Denver, CO just finished the construction on their Lower School addition. The construction of the new two story addition was designed by Hutton Architecture Studio and built by GH Phipps.  Durring the construction process a time-lapse camera was placed on the roof of their existing building to capture a time-lapse of the construction. The following video shows the entire construction process from start to finish:

Out door motion cameras like the Stealth Cams are a great product to use for capturing time-lapse construction progress. They are relatively affordable, durable, and simple to operate. For more information on how to set up a Motion Camera on your project along with some tips check out my previous post about = Motion Cameras.

During construction the school also shared updates of the progress with their faculty and parents. This was a great way for everyone to get progress updates. = Lower School Construction Photos
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