Organizing Underground Photos

Organizing underground construction photos can be difficult for a number of different reasons. It’s hard to know exactly where photos are taken from because the camera is typically pointed down into a hole filled with electrical conduit or rebar.  The other day I ran across one of our newer projects that Rudolph and Sletten is building for San Diego City College. They’ve been doing an excellent job managing their underground photos, what they’ve done is upload their Site Plan, Site Electrical Plan, Site Plumbing Plan, Foundation Plan, Grading Plan, and Storm Water Prevention Plan (SWPP) to help keep everything organized. By managing photos this way, different plans can be used to organize and manage different types of photos. For example all the underground electrical photos are located on the electrical site plan and all the foundation photos get placed on the Foundation Plan.

Here’s a quick screen cast of showing how well it works.

Similar management techniques can be done for interior photos as well. For example you might want to think about uploading reflected ceiling plans to document above grid conditions. There are many ways to use our product and it’s great to see contractors like Rudolph & Sletten getting creative with their on site photo management.

Feature Updates Nov-11-2011

As you may have noticed over the past few days we’ve been working on rolling out a series of new features that makes it easier to organize and manage your construction progress photos. We’ve made JobSiteVisitor better by adding zoomable plans that work across all our pages. The new features improve the viewing experience and also save time by making it faster to Tag Photos with accurate location information.

Users now have the ability to:
– Tag photos to the exact location by dropping it accurately onto their project’s floor plan.
– Tag photos to a Time-Lapse Point by easily dropping the photo onto the Time-Lapse Point.
– Add and Move Points by zooming into the plans and dragging them it into their exact location
– Users can now interact with the plans by zooming and clicking on both miscellaneous and Time-Lapse Photos

These new features do three things…
#1 – It makes the viewing experience more enjoyable.
#2 – It makes it faster and easier to for users to ID, TAG, and Locate Photos.
#3 – and most importantly it makes the organization and management more accurate.


Plan Viewer

Our new and improved Plan Viewer has been released out into the wild. We’ve made huge improvements to our previous plan viewer. It’s still in what we like to call Beta mode just because we’re working through a few more items so please be patient while we get this feature finished. The original plan viewer will be left on till we’re out of Beta mode. When you combine this Plan Viewer with our recently released “Drag Drop Tagger” you end up with a very, very powers photo management tool that makes it easier than ever to organize, mange, and share your construction photos.

The new viewer lets you zoom into a plan and see both Progress Photo Points and Miscellaneous Points. Clicking on the progress photo point loads the time-lapse slide show and clicking on the miscellaneous dot displays the photo taken from that location.

Instead of trying to explain this in words below we’ve provided a short screen cast of the new feature.

Drag-Drop Tagger Beta

Our new Drag Drop Tagger has been pushed into production for our current clients to use and test out. The new feature allows users to drag their photos onto their plans which makes the tagging quick and easy. Users can tag photos to points where they’re taking photos from on a regular basis or they can just drop the miscellaneous photos into the position where the photo was taken from. Here is a quick video and some screen shots of how it works.


2011 AGC Golf Tournament

AGC of Colorado held its 23nd Annual Columbine Golf Tournament out at Columbine Golf Club this year.
The AGC team put on a great tournament as usual. Below are some photos from the event.

Photos can be Downloaded Here

We also encourage you to take a moment to learn a little bit about If you or your company is taking progress photos you should check out our photo hosting platform that helps you organize manage and share them with your project team.

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