Habitat – Colorado

logo-CO has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity of Colorado to provide an online photo hosting service to help showcase the many Habitat for Humanity homes being built across the state of Colorado. JobSiteVisitor is a unique photo management service specifically designed for the construction industry. The service makes it simple and easy for groups like Habitat to provide regular weekly progress updates and time-lapse slide shows to their project team. JobSiteVisitor also makes it easy to integrate and post progress into existing websites and social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

Habitat_ProjectHabitat for Humanity affiliates will have the opportunity to integrate JobSiteVisitor’s photo hosting platform into their individual websites.  They will also be able to take advantage of custom branding feature that will allow them to change their JobSiteVisitor pages and insert their own logos, colors, and links. This will be great way to share progress photos throughout their websites and other social media networks. Here’s an example of what users will see, just click on the screen shot to the left.

Many current JobSiteVisitor customers comment on how much time the service is saving them. Recently, Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Robyn Burns, reviewed the application and said that “ is a sophisticated photo organization program that’s going to save us time in formatting, uploading and distributing photos.  It will also be a great resource for the volunteers, staff and donors who help us build these homes.”

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver will be using JobSiteVisitor on 4 new homes that will break ground later this summer.  More projects across the state will be on the way and we’ll keep everyone posted.  The entire Habitat for Humanity organization has been great to work with and they provide a wonderful service to families in need. We’re very excited about this partnership.  If you have a non-profit group and would like to learn more about subscription discounts or how to use on your next construction project let us know.