UA-7706688 is reaching out to these new Recovery Websites that have been set up to keep the public updated on where their money is being invested. It was encouraging to see that Colorado was one of the first states to add a Recovery Website, this screen shot was taken on March 4th 2009.

On the Colorado Recovery Site Gov. Ritter says that “This is the public’s money and people have a right to monitor where it’s going and how it’s being spent”. I’m hoping that both the State and Federal Government will see the value and potential of using to manage progress photos on their future stimulus projects.

I’m encouraged to see the new administration pushing for more transparency, I believe that this will help grow the use of new technology in the construction industry. Now that we all have a lot more skin in the game, I’m excited to see how these Recovery websites come together. I’m very impressed with how quickly sites are coming online considering the size of this recovery plan.

The US Government and American people are betting the house on this industry. Expect to see more people help make the construction industry better during these tough times. I can’t wait to see and be a part of the new technology that will soon be flooding the construction industry. Hang on…