Mobile Uploader has released its new “Mobile Uploader” which allows users to upload content from any smart phone device or tablet directly into the tagging section of your JobSiteVisitor project. The service is very simple and easy to use, here’s how it works. We provide you with a unique email address for each project. You enter that email address into your phone’s contact list. Then after you take your photo just send it to the email we gave you. The service is very easy to use and flexible so it can be used on any device.

More and more progress photos are being taken with mobile devices but it’s still a pain to organize, manage, and share these photos with your project team until now. With JobSiteVisitor’s new mobile uploader all you have to do is email photos to the address we provide you and the photos will be there waiting for you next time you update your progress photos. Here’s a video showing how the feature works, enjoy.