HDRsoftWow, this software is unbelievable and so easy to use. I’m using the free trial version but will definitely be purchasing the real version, probably after I finish writing this. Anyway if you’re looking to impress a client or just want turn average pictures into extraordinary you need this software. I should first thank a former TA from CU for turning me onto a local Denver photographer named Alex Benison’s , who does amazing things with the camera. You’ll notice that Alex mentions 5exp and HDR in his descriptions. I admit I didn’t know what he was talking about so yes I “Googled it” and found HDR Soft – a company from France that helps you do amazing things with photos and Tone Mapping.

Check out their How-to-Video.

Download the Trial Version for Free

Grab your tripod and go shoot some bracketed photos – Over Exposed, Under Exposed and one with the correct exposure.
Load them into the Photomatix Pro – HDR generator and enjoy.
Here’s what I ended up with on my first try.


Correct Exposure

Over Exposed

Under Exposed

Can’t wait to try it out on some architectural/landscapes shots. Let me know what you think of this software. Until you get the hang of it I would recommend keeping your camera on a tripod and avoiding shots of people. Grab a wide angle lens for dramatic shots, enjoy…