Motion Camera

Camera on TrailerIf you’re interested in the idea of a webcam but don’t have the budget or technical background to install one on your construction project you might want to consider using a motion activated camera and The motion camera takes a bunch of photos and JSV keeps them organized online for your project team to access.

These motion activated cameras are typically used for hunting but are a great way to document construction progress. They’re waterproof, take good pictures, have a long lasting power supply, easy to use, affordable, and have a variety of accessories to meet your project needs.

What to buy – Budget $500:

Sniper Pro12V Power Supply SD CardSD CardFacebookGlossy3

For the best prices on StealthCam products check out Amazon. All of these items can be purchased for under $500. Depending on your site conditions and project needs you may need additional accessories or a different subscription package. For more information about please visit:  About the Service and Example Projects

Camera Set up:

Set up


– Make sure you get the correct auxiliary power supply 12V or 6V depending on your camera.
– Mount camera with in 30-feet of where there is going to be lots of motion.
– Turn the flash off unless you specifically need it. This will save on the battery.
– Be sure to set your date correctly.
– Set photo interval between 30-60min depending on motion, schedule, and how many photos you want.
– Put 6-C batteries into the camera. This allows you to unplug the auxiliary power & keep your camera settings.
– Check up on your camera at least twice a month. Check photo count and low battery light.
– Lock it up, hide it, and disguise it if you’re concerned about theft.
– You can always contact us if you have any questions.

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