Samsung Galaxy Camera – Wide Angle

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is not only a very SMART camera, but it also has a nice wide lens. While we were using the Galaxy camera to develop our new wireless solar webcam we ran across a nice surprise… it has a really wide lens. The camera geeks refer to this as focal length. Basically the smaller the focal length, the wider the field of view. The human eye has a focal length of about a 50mm lens. The really ultra wide fish eye lenses have a focal length of around 15mm. Below we’ve put this into something you can understand. In the background is the Samsung camera image (23mm focal length) and in the overlay “Yellow Box” is your typical iPhone 4s image (30mm focal length). It’s pretty dramatic and a nice addition to our webcams. Keep your eyes on Samsung, they’re doing some incredible things with their Android operating system and camera technology.

Samsung vs iPhone