Progress Photos – Same Location

Stationary PointOne of the biggest mistakes I typically see is when people say they’re going to take progress photos of their job site and they don’t condition themselves to take photos from the same location on a regular basis. Every now and again they’ll go out and take a bunch of random photos from all over the place. Progress photos are taken to document the progress of a construction project. To do this correctly progress photos should to be taken from the same location each week.

When photos are taken from the same location on a construction site and are sorted in chronological order they tell a story. The changes in the progress photos document the As-Built Schedule which is a critical piece of data that is often missing when it come to updating the as-built schedule and resolving issues or claims.

Someone at the job site should take ownership of the progress photos. Each week they need to condition themselves to go out and snap a few progress photos from the same locations. It doesn’t need to be complicated, keep it simple. Start out with just a few points around the perimeter and then add additional points inside as needed. These progress photos taken form the same location each week will document the as-built schedule and will become very valuable down the road.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS remember to take “Progress Photos” from the same location. Go ahead and photograph other miscellaneous items as needed but when it comes to taking “progress photos” make sure you’re always shooting them from the same location on a regular basis.

Also, don’t forget to organize them as you go, I personally would recommend using to organize and share progress photos. At the bare minimum move all the photos taken into a dedicated folders sorted by week and or by point location. I know it may be a pain to keep all these photos organized but you will thank yourself down the road when it comes time to start finding old photos.